Electric Parlor

Below is a selection of guitars available for immediate purchase. These are very limited in numbers and only occasionally available as an "in stock" item. To order a custom guitar with the features you like, please contact us.

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The Electric Parlor is a high end solid body electric guitar inspired by the smaller body acoustic guitars of the mid 1800's - turned electric!

It is made from solid Korina which is an exceptional tone wood with a wonderful upper mid tone.

Upper register access is easy with the deep cutaway which is as much aesthetic as it is function.

The Parlor is very slightly smaller than many electrics at 37 inches long and 11.5" wide (A retrospec is 39" long and 13" wide), pefect for hanging out around the house or playing on the couch and just as good on stage or in the studio!

Although it is slightly smaller than many electrics, it is NOT a "practice" guitar. It has a full complement of electronics and plenty of mass for the deep rich tones you'd associate with any great humbucker equipped guitar.

The Parlor features a full scale 24⅝" fretboard so it takes no getting used to, it just does what you need it to do. Available in as many configurations as you can dream up, from European walnut veneered tops with a single neck pickup to solid coloured paint with double bound body, even an unbound late 50's Korina "inspired" version is available.

Each guitar is painstakingly crafted by hand in our shop and fitted with the same top of the line hardware - much of it created right in our shop.