Retro Mk2

Below is a selection of guitars available for immediate purchase. These are very limited in numbers and only occasionally available as an "in stock" item. To order a custom guitar with the features you like, please contact us.

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The Retro Mk2 takes the Standard Retrospec to a new level. Designed as an amazing players guitar at a good value, but uncompromising on tone, playability and quality.

The Mk2 Features all the same specs as our standard Retrospec, but uses a solid old growth Korina body and neck in place of the Retrospec's Mahogany back and neck, is available with a carved maple cap, or a carved Korina cap and features a nearly black, old growth Indian Rosewood fingerboard. Finished in any solid colour you wish.

The Mk2 sports our own custom made inlay plastic, and our own custom made binding, along with a super thin Matte Nitro Cellulose Lacquer finish. This very thin finish allows the natural grain of the wood to show through the paint and has a wonderful feel that is soft, and fast.

Hand made in our shop in small batches using tried and true methods of construction. Hot hide glue and Urea formaldehyde is used to join the parts together insuring a tone response unrivalled by modern instruments.

We select our pickups from a number of boutique winders who employ the same philosophies that we do. We try several sets in each guitar to find its own unique voice, and settle on the best match for each particular instrument.

The Retro Mk2 ships in a custom fitted hardshell case embroidered with our logo.

This guitar is all about hand made uncompromising quality as it was in the middle of the last century.

We prefer the wrap tail on the Mk2 but ABR-1 is also available, as are p-90's or single coils.

- One piece old growth Korina body
- Single piece neck with ‘ears’
- Holly headstock veneer
- Gold Bartlett signature silkscreened onto headstock
- Old growth Indian fingerboard
- .045" tall nickel-silver fret wire
- Cellulose nitrate fingerboard inlays
- Cream royalite body binding
- Cream cellulose nitrate fingerboard binding
- Nylon 6-6 string nut
- Eastern maple or Korina carved top
- Two-tone, two-volume controls with 3 way control switch
- Double hum bucker pickups, or p-90's, Strat or Telecaster style available 
- ABR-1 style bidge, and lightweight tailpiece or Wrap-Around bridge
- 1” long tailpiece studs and bushings
- Kluson white button tuners
- Super thin matte nitrocellulose lacquer finish