Introducing the Bartlett Stratospec and the Bartlett Telespec! A new fresh face on a traditional form factor - with some serious upgrades.

Borrowing heavily from the classic bolt-on F-style guitars of the 50's and 60's these guitars have all the best of the bolt-on world, but without the bolts!

Instead of using the typical screw together neck to body joint which are typically routed oversized and then fit with shims to align it properly, the Stratospec and Telespec neck joints are carefully and tightly hand fitted the old fashioned way, then glued into place with perfect action and alignment never to be removed.

The process is a true art that takes dedication and patience, some very sharp hand tools, and a lot of time! 

Adding a very tight neck joint to this already classic design gives these guitars such amazing depth of tone. Imagine your favourite Strat or Tele tones, with added sustain and volume. 

Each guitar is hand made from start to finish in our shop to the specifications set out by the customer. As with any of our guitars, the first step to a custom order is consultation with Tom Bartlett where every aspect of the build gets ironed out. From the colour, neck shape and size, materials, and hardware to the overall tone, what the player hopes to achieve and what influences the player and what gear is typically used. Then the lumber gets selected based on that consultation and the process of building your dream guitar begins

Available in Ash or Alder body with a hard maple neck, sporting a deep rich rosewood or hard maple fingerboard.

We select our pickups from a number of boutique winders who employ the same philosophies that we do. We try several sets in each guitar to find its own unique voice and settle on the best match for each particular instrument.

This guitar is all about hand made uncompromising quality as it was in the middle of the last century.

Includes a custom fitted hardshell case embroidered with our logo.


- Old growth Ash or Alder body
- Single piece hard maple neck with ‘ears’
- Maple headstock veneer
- Bartlett signature silkscreened onto headstock
- Old growth Indian Rosewood or hard maple or CITES compliant Brazilian Rosewood fingerboard
- .045" tall nickel-silver fret wire
- Cellulose nitrate fingerboard inlays
- Nylon 6-6 string nut
- Kluson white button tuners
- Ultra thin Satin or aged gloss Nitrocellulose finish.

Costs are as follows:

Ultra thin Satin Nitro finish in solid colour $5000

Ultra thin Gloss aged Nitro finish in solid colour $5500

Ultra thin Gloss aged Nitro finish in Sunburst $6000

CITES Permitted Brazilian fingerboard available at an additional cost.

Additional options are nearly limitless, but generally are not an additional cost.